Word of Mouth

“You ladies have phenomenal culinary skills and are just amazing!!! Thanks again for a superb lunch!” – Daniel Crafford, HEC Paris MBA

“Brilliant food today… Even after 3 hours I can’t get over it. Thanks a lot!!!” – Anumeha Sinha, HEC Paris MBA

“Great lunch yesterday! Thanks for putting it on and saving us from the dangers of canteen food. Already looking forward to the next one.” – Nela Banovic, HEC Paris MBA/Yale University

 ”Looking forward to the next happy Friday!” – Manuel Lara Ruíz, HEC Paris/IESE Barcelona

“This is such a great concept! Wish you were in Mumbai.” – Madhuvanti Mohan

“So, what about expanding to dinners?” Shrey Sanger, London School of Economics

“Missing you guys – can you please extend Friday Lunches into big cities around the world?” – Nina Blasberg, HEC Paris Grand École

“Thank you so much for doing these Friday Lunches! They are absolutely delicious and are a welcome break to the “food” at the Restaurant Universitaire. You guys are awesome and my friends and I really appreciate all the hard work you put into these events.” – Carolyn Chomcy, HEC Paris Masters student

La Limonade

Travelling baguettes

From Eric Kayser in Paris making their way to Jouy en Josas.